Cantaloupe Nannari Juice-Kirni Palam Juice

Drink cantaloupe Nannari juice or sharbat for heat. Summer is near by and it’s very easy for our body to lose all energy due to heat. I live in California , right now weather is awesome but it get hot in few days.  With in 2 weeks it will be peak summer here. I need to keep up my strength doing all the household chores, cooking, cleaning, take care of 7 yr old daughter and not to forget 6 month old baby boy.

I need to have all the strength and I always forget to drink water since I am running around doing other works. This time I decided that I am going to fill my tummy with water based cooling fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe,honeydew and veggies like cucumber to save me from this hot sun. No more dehydration this time. Take lots of oranges and keep your lips from getting chapped. Cantaloupe Nannari juice or Kirni pazham juice is good when you feel tired.
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When dad came from India , he got me 3 bottles of Nannari and its super tasty and a great blessing during summer. Its a perfect coolant for body and keeps you safe from getting unwanted heat in your body. I try to gulp Nannari at least twice in a day. When I feel lazy I just mix the Nannari with cold water and squeeze lemon juice and gulp it off. But when I am in festive mood, I try to add fruits to my Nannari .
Fruits  like cantaloupe, water melon , musk melon and honey dew work very well with Nannari Cantaloupe Nannari juice is my all time fav one when sun is out burning. I have watermelon Nannari sharbat  juice ,Party punch here. Do click to try out a new beverage that can beat the heat. Juice are best for summer and I would always make sure my family takes lots of liquid during this time. Kids especially needs lots of water intake. If they don’t drink much water ,try to make them eat fruits or juice that consist of more water based and that helps in dehydration. Now lets start making cantaloupe nannari juice.


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