Mini Uthapam/Mini Dosa

mini uthapam

Mini Uthapam/Mini Dosa

By May 10, 2012

Mini Uthappam are fun to make, when I visited india this time I found this cute little pan just loved it & thought I must have it.I didn't make any separate dough for this I usually use the regular dosa dough.When the dough is getting mildly sour I stat making uthappam.This pan is perfect to make that thick and round shape mini uthappam.Variety is up to us feel free to experiment all kinds of stuffing .


1.Pour the dough using a ladle in to the uthapam pan, pour some oil around the  mini uthapam,decorate each mini uthapam with your own preferred toppings.

2.I have used onion,green chillies,podi on one uthapam,then coriander leaves,methi,green chillies on next one.

3.Then I have used sesame podi on one,then carrot,capsicum,cabbage on the next one,then cheese dosa on other side.I just randomly used what all came to my mind,to each bite you can experience different taste yummyyyyy.

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4 Responses to Mini Uthapam/Mini Dosa

  1. Chandran


    The dish is prepared by me today as per your guidelines and found it very tasty.


  2. shilpa

    From where did u buy the tava

    • Janani

      I got them in Chennai,India.The shop is called “Ratna Stores” its in T.nagar.

  3. Swathi

    I love the idea of using different combination for each utappam

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