Potato Fry(Boiled Version)

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Potato Fry(Boiled Version)

By January 23, 2014

I love this potato fry very much, it taste so good with sambar and rasam. Perfect side dish for lunch variety. This one is hubby's fav he likes it when it gets the ginger flavor in it. Its very easy to make and can be made very quickly. This potato fry is always served in marriage lunches. Its done during special occasion. kids will love it.



1. First boil the potatoes 3/4 th and peel the skin an chop to cube pieces like shown.

2. Now in a pan add oil and do the tempering mentioned above, to this add onion and saute it well. Then add the chopped ginger and stir for a min.

3. To this add chopped potatoes and stir it again for few mins. Now add turmeric powder,salt and chilly powder and let it sit till the bottom of the potatoes turn golden brown in color.

4. Close it with lid and sprinkle little water now and then and let it cook well. Potato fry is ready. Serve it for lunch with sambar or rasam.


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