Schezwan Hakka Noodles

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schezwan hakka noodles

By May 20, 2012

I LOVE all kinds of noodles and schezwan is my favourite... not only will adult love them but kids will love it too its healthy with all kinds of vegetables mixed inside it.This is a  combined version of Hakka and schezwan noodles usually" schezwan" are spicy we add red chilly flakes to it. since I serve it more to my kid  have avoided it but red chilly flakes bring the original flavour to the recipe so feel free to add them at end.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 4


1.Boil the noodles according to the instruction given in the packet. Now sprinkle 1/2 tsp of oil to the noodles so they don't stick.

2.Heat the wok/pan pour some olive oil and start stirring the vegetables given below.

3.Add soya sauce,red chilly flakes or red chilly sauce,schezwan sauce and stir fry.
4. Now add the noodles to the mix then sprinkle pepper powder, must be taken while adding salt because the soya sauce will already be salty so add salt at last.
5. Spring some spring onions and serve hot.


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6 Responses to Schezwan Hakka Noodles

  1. Bhanumathi


    I cooked the dish and found very very tasty. Thanks


    • Janani

      thx u glad u liked it

  2. TR Ramesh Babu

    Wonderful. Keep it up. It is very nice to see the dishes on the web site they look very good

    Thank you

    • Janani

      Thank you uncle I am glad you liked it.

  3. Sudhakar

    Any particular brand or type of schezwan sauce you think is better compared to others that you prefer to use?

    • Janani

      For this particular recipe I used chinese company sauce.I dont really remember the brand name though,but I like mixing home made schezwan that consist of red chillies,ginger,sesame oil,garlic and sugar mixed.All should be blended well in a mixie except the oil.Then in pan I pour the oil and saute the thick paste for a min till I get that yummy aroma flavour say for a 2-3 mins and mix little soya sauce and just add to the paneer or noodles or any indo-chinese combination food.Hope this helped.Sorry for the long explanation.

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