Coriander Chutney(Chettinad type)

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Coriander Chutney(Chettinad type)

By July 6, 2012

My family favourite chutney. My dad taught how to make this chutney to my mom and I learned it from her. During his college days he used to love this chutney and they really served excellent food in his hostel. Hard to believe right!!!!! I know.... but "THIAGARAJAR  COLLEGE" did serve excellent food.So that's how we started to make this chutney. I see lots of chettinad people making the same type chutney. It appears to be their specialty. Try it out it taste so good.



1.In a kadai/pan pour some oil for seasoning and then add some mustard let it splutter then add urad dal,channa dal,tomatoes,green chillies,garlic and saute them well till the skin of tomatoes are well cooked.

2.Now add the coriander leaves and saute them for few mins too.Then transfer it into the blender to make chutney.Let it cook down.Now add hing.

3.Then fry the coconut till they turn mild brown then add it to the blender too,let it cool down.Now make a fine paste adding little salt and little water according to our required consistency.
4.I didn't do any seasoning for this,but its your own preference.You can add mustard,urad and channa dal for seasoning.Since I made for rave idly I preferred it plain.


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