Oma Podi/Sev(Karapusa)-Diwali Snack

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Oma Podi/Sev(Karapusa)-Diwali Snack

By October 20, 2013

Oma podi/Sev is otherwise called as Karapusa in Telugu.Its best snack for our winter time.Its easy to make and they taste good.They are very healthy since Omam(Carom Seeds) is present in it.Its good for kids too, it helps in better digestion.Its mostly made during festival seasons like Diwali and Navarathri but somehow its made even through out the year.I make a small batch of them that way it's not too much of work and store it in a air tight container.They stay good for a month  but try to finish off in 2-3 weeks.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 5



1.Take 2 tsp of omam/carom seeds/ajwain and soak them in a cup for 30 mins so that all the flavor gets extracted in the water.You can powder them too but its difficult to powder 2 tsp ,so my mom always say to soak it.(its you choice either way you have to filter them so you can use your convenient way)

2.Now filter them.I have further mixed them in blender and added some water and extracted more omam water.

3.Now in a large bowl add some besan flour sieve them well then add rice flour.I added few pinch of turmeric for better color but its optional.Then add salt and now pour the omam water and mix them well like how we mix for chapathi dough.They shouldn't stick to your hands.Then finally add butter/coconut oil and roll them to fine dough.Then add 2 tsp of oil/butter to the dough and mix them well.

4.Now in a Idiyapam maker stuff the dough and see to it the holes are thin.Now in a pan pour some oil let them get heated for 5 mins then squeeze the dough well.Always keep the heat in low and squeeze the dough.This way our hands can take the heat and sev will not get brown in color.

5.Now turn to both the sides and let them get cooked well.Remove the oma podi/sev when the oil bubbles stops in the pan.Then take a plate and spread some tissues and place the oma podi on them it will absorb all the oil let it cool off then break it with your hands to small pieces and store them in a air tight container.


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