Sweet Maida Biscuit

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Sweet Maida Biscuit

By January 25, 2013

I learned this Maida biscuit from my husband grand mother. She used to tell me he loved it when he was in school and the process was very simple so I learned it from her. Like I have been saying for the past 2 weeks its very very cold and sometimes I don't have lot of munching stuff at home. So I thought let me prepare this and munch when I am hungry. Something is better than nothing right???. It wont consume too much time too. Half an hour and you will be done. Its a very easy and simple snack. Kids will like it too.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 5



1. Sieve maida flour,baking soda,salt and mix everything well. I powdered the sugar finely and added to the flour. Then add the ghee and mix it slowly by adding water little by little. The dough should be smooth and tight.

2. Now roll them to 4-5 balls and make them flat like chapathi and roll them well. Now cut them vertically and then horizontally but little tilted like diamond shape. See the pic.

3. Now in a pan pour oil and let it get hot, deep fry the dough till they are mild brown in color. Then slowly turn to the other side. When both the sides are mild brown remove them from fire and place it in a tissue paper. The biscuits will look soft and soggy don't worry once they cool down they will be crispy.

4. Don't let it stay in oil for long it will burn and they wont taste good. So remove them when they turn mild brown.

5. Now let it cool and repeat the process with the remaining dough balls. Once they cool down say like after 15 min they will turn crispy and munchy then store them in an air tight container. Enjoy this with your evening tea or coffee.


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4 Responses to Sweet Maida Biscuit

  1. Ummu Azi

    Wow ! easy & yummy snack..

  2. Priya

    Feel like munching some.

  3. maha

    Lovely Post. Nice recipe too.love it..

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