Vegetable Stuffed Paratha

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Vegetable Stuffed Paratha

By January 11, 2013

I had quite a lot of vegetables in my fridge,no mood to make khurma or any side dish. I wanted to go with a healthy yet quick dish for my dinner. So I thought why not try the vegetable for stuffing the chapathi and that's how this one popped in my head. I just loved the taste of it. It felt more like eating pav bhaji in a mild way. Stuffed chapathis are my favorite .It can be made quickly and they taste heavenly with Raitas.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 4


1. In a pan add some oil/ghee and saute jeera,ginger,green chillies,onion,capsicum,carrot,beans,baby corn,peas and add one by one and saute them half cooked.

2. To this add chilly powder,salt and mix them well. Now add the boiled potatoes and mash it well and garnish with fresh coriander leaves & little bit of lime juice. Then let it cool and keep it separate.

3. Now make the dough for chapathi and roll them the way its shown in the pic and place a small portion of vegetable stuffing in the center.

4. Now fold them on 4 sides and dip into the wheat powder and roll them slowly to a paratha shape/square shape chapathi.

5. Now in a pan make chapathi and turn to both sides when they are golden brown and add oil around the chapathi or just rub ghee at last when its done.

6. Make all the batches this way. When you eat this yummy crispy paratha the veggies will just melt in your mouth and it taste so good with raita. You can eat it plain without it too. They are so healthy and its good for kids too. Just reduce the spice when you make it for your kid.


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11 Responses to Vegetable Stuffed Paratha

  1. Pratiba Bhat

    Lovely. I can just eat it plain or with cold yoghurt or butter! :)

    • Janani

      Hmm butter that would be my first choice too.

  2. Vardhini Koushik

    Parathas look yummy and I like sneaking stuff that the kids would otherwise not eat in them :)

    • Janani

      That’s very true hiding is better hahaha.

  3. Reva

    Parathas looks super yum..

  4. Priya

    A super filling paratha,dont even need a side dish to enjoy it.

  5. Raks

    One of my favorite. such a healthy one …

  6. maha

    what lovely and yummy parathas:)
    Love the pictures!!

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