Cauliflower Pakoda

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Cauliflower Pakoda

By July 13, 2012

Cauliflower pakoda is a very tasty and crispy side dish that can be eaten as snacks or as a side dish to main course food.Whenever mom makes this she always gets compliment,everyone loves it.They will look crispy outside and soft inside.It can be eaten as evening snacks too but I love making it for lunch as a side curry for sambar or rasam.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 2-4



1.Wash and cut the cauliflower florets in to small pieces.

2.Mix salt,besan powder,rice flour,chilly powder,turmeric powder,onion,hing and jeera.Sprinkle some water on top of it and mix it well.See to it that that they stick well to the cauliflower.

3.Heat oil in a kadai/pan.Pour oil till the cauliflower florets immerse fully in to the vessel for deep frying.

4.Now keep turning them and let it turn dark brown on both the sides.They taste very good when they are left in oil for more crisp.
5.Serve this as accompaniment to main food course.


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4 Responses to Cauliflower Pakoda

  1. varsha dutta

    Nice pics. I’ll try this one. ive always done it only with ginger paste.
    A trick I try is to dip the florets in boiling hot water for 10 minutes before dipping them in batter. This makes them softer inside

    • Janani

      Thank you,I am sure it would be really soft inside if its dipped for 10 mins in hot water.Thank you for the tip will def do it next time when I make it.

  2. Dr Roshan

    totally agree… cauliflower pakodas are awesome and yummy as snacks.

    • Janani

      yes that’s true and I love it.

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