Cauliflower Paratha

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Cauliflower Paratha

By May 12, 2012

A good combination of roti and cauliflower cooked together and lightly spiced .I love to have this with roasted jeera& pepper powder sprinkled on curd.The grand finish of ghee on those hot paratha is the best combination I have ever eaten.I am a big fan of dhabba food,I remember these kind of paratha served like 5 or 7 with yummy dals and raitas.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 2


1.Heat the kadai/pan to medium high pour some oil and add some jeera once they turn mild brown add ginger,green chillies.

2.Now fry the grated cauliflower for a minute till the raw smell goes,then add some turmeric powder,red chilly powder,amchor and salt.

3.Fry them for a minute then remove it from fire.
4.Now add the onions and coriander leaves to the mix.

5.Roll a big size of dough and roll them little thick then make a cup shape like shown in picture and stuff the cauliflower inside it.

6.Now roll the tip of them and make them flat using the dough roller and dip it on dough powder on both sides and start rolling them like chapathi.

7.Now the cauliflower mix is inside, the chapathi dough is nicely coated now roast them in the pan.
8.When they turn brown on both sides remove them from fire and apply ghee on both sides and serve hot.

9.Serve this paratha with raitas or dals.


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