Garlic Dal Fry

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Garlic Dal Fry

By December 23, 2013

I know you must be thinking what is this garlic dal fry is right??? well its more like our regular dal fry but with loads of garlicky flavor. I love this with jeera rice , it taste so delicious and so heavenly.  Whenever me and hubby are in a perfect northie food mood this is a must in our lunch. It goes well with chapathi too, but I personally prefer with jeera rice. Its very simple to make and kids will love it too.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 2 person



1. Boil toor dal and cook it till they get 80% mashed. Keep it separate.

2. In a pan add oil, when hot add hing, jeera, garlic and saute for few mins. Add more garlic than usual to get a perfect garlicky flavor. To this add green chillies and saute for few more mins.

3. Then add tomatoes and let it get little mushy and soft, then add turmeric powder and salt. Saute for few mins. To this add cooked dal and stir it well. Let it boil for 5 mins. To this add chopped coriander leaves and switch off the flame.

4. Now heat a pan add ghee, then add jeera, dry red chillies and then chilly powder and switch it off immediately(otherwise the chilly powder will get burnt)now add this to dal and mix it well. Tada yummy garlic dal fry is ready to serve. Serve it with jeera rice.


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2 Responses to Garlic Dal Fry

  1. aparna

    good one ..dal food are always comforting one

  2. Shobana Vijay

    Wow.. so simple and easy to prepare.It tastes yummy with that garlic flavor.

    Special compliment for your background screen..Santa is following me..Great go and all the best for the New year.

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