Gongura Pachadi(Andhra Recipe)

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Gongura Pachadi(Andhra Recipe)

By May 13, 2015

I love Andhra food recipe...I am half Telugu and Tamil mixed so I love the traditional recipes coming from both this two background. Gongura is our family fav food. Andhra cooking involves lots of gongura recipes and one of my fav from all of them is this spicy yummy pachadi. This goes well with rice,dosa,idly even chapathi. Its so simple to make and it can be very addictive. I love adding a dollop of ghee to hot white rice and eating this without any other side dish. Its taste is something to die for. If you haven't tried it before def try this out. Worth every min of your time.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 5 people



1.In a kadai add oil and start saute dry red chillies, once they turn lite brown remove them otherwise it may burn dark. Keep it separate. To the same oil add mustard seed,channa dal,jeera,dhania seeds and saute it for a min and remove it. Let everything cool.

2. Now wash and dry the gongura leaves. Make sure they are dry otherwise they wont stay fresh for long. If the leaves are dry then pachadi will stay for a week or more.
3. Now add little oil and fry the leaves for few mins till they become soft, now collect in a bowl. let it cool.

4. Now add all the fry items in a blender and make a coarse powder out of them. To this finally add gongura leaves and blend them in pulse mode for few mins. The leaves should be 95% done but not completely like paste.

5. Collect them all in a bowl. Now in a pan heat oil and add the seasoning mentioned above and pour the tempering on top of the gongura item and mix everything well. Now add salt and see how it taste. Yummy tasty pachadi is ready to eat. Serve it hot with white rice on ghee as topping. Yumm its so droll worthy dish.

1. Adding hing and garlic is very important so do not skip this step. They give so much flavor to this dish.
2. Usually gongura leaf has a nice sour taste to it,if you find the leaves less sour you can add little bit tamarind. Here in USA the leaves don't taste the same all time. So test the taste and add tamarind piece if you need it.
3. Add oil as mentioned in this recipe,this helps in keeping the pachadi for more than a week. You can store in fridge too.
4. Serve it with rice,dosa,idly or chapathi. They taste excellent.


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3 Responses to Gongura Pachadi(Andhra Recipe)

  1. Sangamithra Prabhakar Rao

    Good thanks for the recipe

  2. Usha

    I tried your recipe today. It came so well. It really tastes yummy. Thank you for the detailed recipe.

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