Heartine Sprinkled Cupcakes- My 200th post

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Heartine Sprinkled Cupcakes- My 200th post

By February 13, 2013

HURRAY!!!!! I cant believe I have reached 200th post with in 9 months that calls for a celebration. I wanted to make something big to celebrate it but my daughter loves cupcake and ended up making them. She loves the strawberry frosting and enjoys the heart sprinkled decoration on top of the cupcakes. So here it is.



I am so sorry I couldn't take picture because initially I had plans of making a proper cake but then used the same dough to make the cup cake so I would just leave a short version of this cupcake. I will load the recipe tomo when my husband takes a bite of it because its very late for me now and I just wanted to wish u guys a very HAPPY VALENTINE DAY and want share my CELEBRATION WITH YOU ALL FOR THIS WONDERFUL DAY.


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2 Responses to Heartine Sprinkled Cupcakes- My 200th post

  1. Ummu Azi

    congrats on your 200th post…you have done a great job dear !

  2. yogitha

    congrats da…:-)

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