Wheat Ladoo Recipe

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Wheat Ladoo Recipe

By December 5, 2014

wheat ladoo recipe is very simple and easy to make. Whenever my hubby asks for a quick snack I make this all the time. Fast to make and good for health. Kids will love it too. The pista nuts make it very tasty. There are many kinds of version when it comes to ladoo and this one I personally like it since it's wheat. All the ingredients that I have written are usually found in every household cabinet. So its not something fancy or difficult to find. This wheat or atta ladoo sits perfectly for more than 2-3 weeks when stored in a air tight glass container. Come lets go and read the procedure to make them.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 15 balls



Wheat ladoo or atta ladoo is very simple and easy to make. They taste very good. Healthy ladoo and kids will love it. Let's see how to make them...
1. In a dry pan add atta/wheat flour and keeping the flame  low,fry the flour for few mins. Let the raw smell go and a nice aroma will come out of atta or wheat flour. At that time switch it off. Let it be mild brown in color as shown in pic.

2. Now in a blender nicely powder the sugar and when done add it to wheat or atta flour and mix it well. To this add elachi powder/ cardamom powder.

3. Now coarsely grind the pista or pistachio in a blender. Not too powdery,just coarse. Now add them to the flour and mix it well.

4. Now heat the ghee in a hot tawa and let it melt. Switch it off. Then take a spoon and add the ghee little by little to the flour. Care should be taken at this step. If you just pour the hot ghee full the ladoo will become soggy and it wont get the round shape. So add ghee little by little. When its perfect enough to make balls, stop adding the ghee. I added 5 tsp or less of ghee. Mix it well and start making the balls or urundai.

5. Roll the balls tight and place them in a plate widely spread. Leave it for 5-10 mins. Let it get little more hard.Once done store them in an air tight glass container and close the lid.

6. Simple yet tasty wheat ladoos are ready to eat.


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