Gulkand Milkshake Recipe | Rose Petal Jam Milkshake

Gulkand Milkshake recipe | Rose petal Jam Milkshake | How to make gulkand milkshake | Gulkand recipes | Summer drinks

Gulkand Milkshake recipe is super tasty, super energetic and very good for health. Gulkand has lots of health benefits. I have been taking this gulkand for many years. My dad always insist me to have at least 2 teaspoon a day. I used to suffer from ulcer and used to get heavy pain in my stomach when I was doing my school. Having 2 teaspoon of gulkand definitely helped me. I occasionally upgrade this healthy gulkand with yummy ice cream and milk. This gulkand milkshake is amazing. You have to drink one glass to feel what I am saying. It’s just pure heaven. I love the way everything gets mixed and gives out an amazing flavor.
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To know more about health benefits of Gulkand, click the link. I also enjoy adding this to my hot milk. Gulkand in hot milk gives out all the sweet and rose petal flavor to this warm milk and when you sip it, you will feel huh like a heaven. I am not exaggerating. Trust me if you like your milk hot unlike me ( I love everything cold) then this would be your ideal drink. Well this is more like an extra recipe I just wrote here, but trust me try it. You don’t need anything fancy just warm milk and gulkand is good enough sometimes. But I love my milkshakes fancy so I always add a scoop or more ice cream to my gulkand milkshake. My son who is 1 year old loves it. On the other hand my daughter she likes the warm milk gulkand.I have lots of milkshake recipes do check them Mango milkshake, strawberry milkshake, oats banana milkshake, Flaxseed milkshake, Avocado Milkshake,

Milkshake can be enjoyed anytime. Kids to adults love it, but this gulkand milkshake will be a big hit if you are serving it to your family as a party drink. They will love you for sure. I always get 3-4 bottles of gulkand from India when I go for vacation. This is like a must have when you have stomach pain issue. Now I don’t have any pain but I would like to pass it on to my kids and teach them the benefits of goodness present in gulkand. When I fancy it up like this, they tend to give a try. hmm we all know how difficult it is to please kids and make them try something good. Its exhausting!! well try this once and I am sure your kids will enjoy it. Okay now off to making of gulkand milkshake recipe.

Step by step of making Gulkand Milkshake recipe

Gulkand Milkshake Recipe | Rose Petal Jam Milkshake

By October 8, 2016



1.Take Gulkand and add it to a blender. Now slowly add milk, rose syrup, elachi powder, ice cream and ice.Now whip it nicely.
kulkand milkshake
kulkand milkshake
kulkand milkshake
kulkand milkshake
2. Serve them in a nice glass chilled. Serve this in any party and it will definitely be a big hit.

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  1. Janani Rakesh Kumar

    Looks soo good Janani!I love milkshakes! will definitely give it a try!

    • Janani

      Thanks, plz do try andmlet me know how they turned out :)

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