Party Punch- Kirni Pazham Mango Nannari

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I love Party Punch recipes a lot. Who ever has known me knows that very well .I like to make mocktails of all this fresh juices. Seasonal fruits taste best at their season and now Chennai is filled up with ripe mangoes and cantaloupe, and I made us of it completely. Adding Nannari syrup to this drink takes the flavor to next level and you will see your guest falling in love with this drink and they would want to know how you made it. Trust me I have always had request for this recipe.

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When it comes to fruits my mom is the queen. She must have made me atleast 50 varieties  of juices and milkshake and that’s how I started loving the fruits. Always give your kids a healthy choice. When they get hungry at odd timing ,try giving them fruits instead of junk foods. Kids see what we eat and that’s how they develop taste for healthy food. If you eat fruits in front of them then they would choose the same. If they see see eating junk then they would want the same. My mom always taught me what kind of food is right for body and what benefits are involved when it comes to easy digestion. In summers always drink lots of water if not atleast substitute with high content water based fruit juice.Now enjoy this party punch drink.

Party Punch- Kirni Pazham Mango Nannari

By July 18, 2013

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 4



1. Cube the cantaloupe to small pieces and make juice out of them using a blender.

2. To this add ice cubes,Nannari syrup and little sugar(Nannari has sweetness so add sugar according to that)and blend it again.

3. Now chop the ripe mangoes and keep it separate.

4. Now serve the juice in a tall glass and add the chopped ripe mangoes to the juice and serve. Perfect for birthday party or any outdoor parties. I love this drink during summer times. Perfect party punch don't you think?


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5 Responses to Party Punch- Kirni Pazham Mango Nannari

  1. Chitz

    Wow.. That’s an absolute refresher.. Love this drink anytime !

  2. aparna

    Definetly a good punch :) i always try to mix with fruits :) this one is a great thirst quencher !

  3. Nava Krishnan

    I adore any kind of fruit juices. I see a variety of fruits you have used and that certainly brought out the true punch. Wonderful for the hot weather we are facing now.

    • Janani

      Thank you ,Yes I love juices and this has been my favorite drink now.

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