Tiffin Sambar Recipe (For Idli, Dosa,Pongal ,Vadai, Idiyappam)

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Tiffin Sambar Recipe is nothing but specially made sambar that has less or no tamarind and less veggie unlike regular sambar made for rice. Tiffin sambar is usually served with  Idli, dosa, ven pongal or Idiyappam that’s  made exclusively for breakfast. I love the mild flavor of this tiffin sambar. Usually sambar that’s made for rice has strong masala aroma and loaded with many varieties of vegetables. Tiffin sambar usually has potatoes, carrot or sometimes rarely brinjal. My mom makes this tiffin sambar without tamarind/ Pulli. She adds ripe tomatoes to bring a very good flavor to this sambar. According to me she makes the best sambar recipes. She makes so many varieties and all my friends who come home to visit me love my mom’s tiffin sambar .
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She usually will add hing little strong and I also love the aroma in the sambar. She will add lots of coriander leaves also and I love how smooth and aroma her sambar will be. It will smell for two streets. I don’t know how she makes such drool worthy sambar but it looks,smells and taste awesome. I have tried to make like my mom but with USA dal I guess I can come somewhere near 60% to her flavor. Sambar gives very good taste with good dal,water and all fresh ingredients . I miss the smell of chennai dal. Even with just plain boiling the dal used to smell so good. I don’t feel that same smell in the dal available here but it’s not that bad. DAL quality is very good here and I try with lots of brand and sambar does taste very good. I just compare it to my mom’s cooking and always get dissatisfied with few ingredients available here. Anyways when you make this yummy tiffin sambar serve this with Idli, Dosa, Idiyappam(String hoppers) Ven pongal .Now off to making of tiffin sambar.

How to make sambar for breakfast/ Tiffin sambar recipe

Tiffin Sambar Recipe (For Idli, Dosa,Pongal ,Vadai, Idiyappam)

By September 9, 2016

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 4 people



1. Pressure cook 1 cup of  toor dal with 2 +1/2 glass of water. To this add hing, turmeric powder and potatoes. Let it cook till it reaches 4-5 whistles. Take the dal out and remove the potatoes and keep it separate. Mash the dal to smooth paste.
tiffin sambar

2. Heat pan and roast the ingredients given for making sambar powder. Once done cool and grind them to powder.
tiffin sambar
tiffin sambar
3. Heat pan and add oil & ghee, do the seasoning one by one. To this add small onion saute for few mins. Then add carrot, green chillies and tomatoes. Saute for few more mins. Then add salt, turmeric powder,hing  and keep stirring for few more mins.

tiffin sambar
tiffin sambar
4. Now add sambar powder and stir for a min. To this add 1  glass of water and let it cook. Once it starts to boil add potato and dal and let it cook until the dal starts to bubble on the sides. Now add little ghee and garnish with coriander leaves and switch off the flame.
tiffin sambar
5. Serve this hot with Idli, pongal ,medhu vadai, Idiyappam Or Pongal.
tiffin sambar

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